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Go to everrextrade.com directly or use an affiliate link. Fill the registration form & click on register, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. Open the link to complete your registration process.

In Back-Office, click on Deposit where you will be provided with a dropdown menu, select payment method of your choice, including Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill & Payeer. Then put the amount you want to deposit and proceed it, you will be redirected to your selected payment processor. If you select "Bitcoin", just put the amount in BTC value or in dollars value, and click Get Deposit Address. A unique BTC address will be created for you, just transfer the exact amount in BTC value to the given address, after 1 confirmation, funds will be credited to your account. You may track all transactions in deposit history, under histories section.

The minimum deposit is 1$ for all payment processors.

Click on "Buy Now" from dashboard, then select your wallet you want to pay from & click on "Buy Bot". A confirmation popup will appear, jut confirm it and you have done. You may track your purchase in your purchase history.

Yes, you may have multiple active bots at the same time & there is no purchase limit.

It is Return on Investment on Bots you have purchased. Weekly trade profits are announced every Sunday at 1 pm UTC. That will be added in your main wallet automatically.

From your back-office, under the Bots tab, you may find bots details. Select the bot to explore all details including Bot ID, Date of Purchase and 3X Limit with a graphical data.

Profit announcement is dynamic and depends on market conditions & trade results. However, since 2018 Everrex's Bots are managing to deliver 2% to 4% weekly profit, that means 8% to 16% profit on monthly bases. The average maturity period of a bot is 60 to 80 weeks from the date of purchase. But by participating in our partner program, maturity can be obtained in less time.

Currently, all Withdrawals are paid in Bitcoin & Perfect Money only. To withdraw your profits & rewards go to my profile and provide your Bitcoin wallet address or Perfect Money ID first in the given section and save it. Then go to withdraw page from back-office and enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed it. Note: You may withdraw only form your Main Wallet.

No, you may withdraw any amount from your main wallet. However, the minimum withdrawal limit is $50.

We believe in rigorous, conservative, security measures, and will not compromise security for convenience. Additionally, every withdrawal on EverrexTrade is audited by hand by at least two EverrexTrade employees before sending. No private keys are kept on any cloud server and deep cold storage is used for the bulk of funds. That's why withdrawals may take 48 to 72 working hours.

All weekly trade profits, commissions and rewards are received in Main Wallet. Whereas all Everrex Transfer (User to User Transactions) are made from Internal Wallet.

Transaction from Main Wallet to Internal Wallet called Internal Transfer. You can transfer any amount from Main Wallet to Internal Wallet instantly & without any fee.

You may transfer any amount to any other EverrexTrade user using Everrex Transfer feature. To perform this, first you need to transfer the amount into Internal Wallet, then put the email address or user name of the receiver and the amount you want to transfer & click on Fetch Details. The system will fetch the full name of the user. Just double-check the fetched details and click on the transfer button.

Every EverrexTrade user can earn up to 3X or 300% of its total investment. All affiliate earnings & profits are included in the 3X threshold. User can monitor 3X earning limit from the dashboard.

On reaching 3X earning limit, all active bots will be matured automatically. After that, all future affiliate commissions & rewards will be considered as Missed Earnings. You may track your missed earnings by going into my account.

Each bot has points equal to its price. Such as Basic bot's price is 100$ and it has 100 direct points as well. Whenever your direct member purchases any bot, you will be rewarded 100% direct points equal to that bot's price. (e.g. from Basic Bot you will get 100 Direct Points) Whereas 7% of indirect points are rewarded from your every indirect member's purchase. (eg from Basic Bot you will get 7 indirect points from 14 levels deep)

Everrex offers to its partners Very Attractive Team Bonus in the form of structure bonus. You Will Be Rewarded $100 as a Structure Bonus on Every 5000 Everrex Points. 2500 points will be taken from Direct Points & 2500 points will be taken from Indirect Points to meet to 5000 points thresholds.

After Every 5 Structure Bonuses, You Will Be Rewarded $1000 as a Super Structure Bonus. (Including Previous Bonus)

After Every 5 Super Structure Bonuses, You Will Be Rewarded 10,000 $ as a Super Cycle Bonus. (Including Previous Bonus)

From your back-officer, under the My Team tab, you can monitor all your direct & indirect members including your points status and qualification details.

You may find your current rank under your profile section.

From your back-office, under the histories tab, you can monitor all your histories with time & date stamps.

You may purchase Everrex Coin (EKX) from the dashboard by clicking on Buy Everrex Coin.

Everrex Coin is currently at ICO phase. After the completion of ICO, you may withdraw your EKX (supported exchanges list will be announced in our news release)

Always backup your 2FA key. If you have lost your 2FA token, please Contact Support with the subject "Lost 2FA Device" from your registered email. EverrexTrade support will then contact yours manually for ID verification. Additionally, you have to provide us with any previously used 6 digits 2FA code.

Almost all basic queries are covered in the FAQ and How-To section. However, if you are unable to find your answer or required further assistance regarding any issue related to your account, go to Help & Support tab in your back-office and create a ticket by selecting your subject.

Yes, to continue trading operations, Everrex charge 15% to 19% maintenance & service fees, that applied on ROI, Commissions and Rewards.

In the bounty program, there is an opportunity to earn a minimum of $400 without any personal investment by just completing a simple task. 
You need to sponsor only (7) Direct Active Partners with your Affiliate link. Each Partner Should have purchased at least One Bot OR $100 worth of Everrex Coin.

On the completion of the above-mentioned task, Your Bounty reward of $400 will be unlocked instantly.  You may track your real-time bounty task progress from your dashboard. There is no expiry time for this bounty program.
For more details, please watch this video. https://youtu.be/UjzBq7gmS1g

1st step > Login to your account, and click on CLAIM FREE COINS button from your dashboard. A popup form will appear > click on GENERATE OTP button from the popup > then send the OTP to our Telegram BOT @EverrexTrade_Bot ( search our bot on Telegram) and follow the instructions.

2nd step > Then move to 2nd task, that is to subscribe to EverrexTrade's Youtube Channel. Click on SUBSCRIBE Button, After Subscribing, provide your Youtube channel link.

3rd step > Then move to the 3rd task, that is to Like EverrexTrade's, Facebook Page. Click on LIKE Button, Like it and provide your Facebook ID link.

4th step > Follow EverrexTrade on Twitter, Click on FOLLOW Button and provide your Twitter ID link. After completing the above-mentioned task, click on CLAIM FREE COINS.

Yes, you can change your email address from My Profile section. (it's a sensitive action, perform it with extra caution)

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