These Policies and Procedures, in their present form and as amended from time to time at EverrexTrade, are incorporated into the EverrexTrade User Agreement. They are the terms and conditions of the Independent Business Partners’ contract with EverrexTrade. It is the responsibility of each Independent Business Partner to read, understand, adhere to, and ensure that he/she is aware of and operating under the most current version of these Policies and Procedures. You must also comply with the description of the Compensation Plan and honor all applicable laws in the country in which you operate your EverrexTrade business.

  • Word "Company" or "EverrexTrade" when used in these documents, refer to EverrexTrade, and the term "IBP" means "Independent Business Partner". An Independent Business Partner is an independent contractor, not an employee of EverrexTrade.

  • Purpose of the Independent Business Partner Agreement is: to define the relationship between EverrexTrade and the IBP: to set standards of acceptable business behavior: to assist IBP in building and protecting their business.

  • The Company may from time to time amend the terms and conditions of the IBP User Agreement, Policies and Procedures, Compensation Plan and BOT Price List. Amendments shall be effective upon notification of the changes in official EverrexTrade publications, website(s), and/or electronic notifications distributed to all active IBPs.

  • Independent Software Partners (hereinafter referred to as IBP) (independent back office) Terms and Conditions Agreement between the named APPLICANT (hereafter APPLICANT) and EverrexTrade.

  • APPLICANT has read and agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement, the EverrexTrade full Compensation Plan, Policies & Procedures, Income Disclaimers, Independent Software Partners Agreement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and which are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. EverrexTrade reserves the right to change the Compensation Plan, Policies & Procedures, Income Disclaimers, Independent Software Partners Agreement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy at any time in its sole discretion, and APPLICANT agrees to be bound by such changes.

  • APPLICANT is an independent contractor under the terms of this agreement, and not an agent, employee, or legal representative of his/ her sponsor or EverrexTrade, and will in no way represent him/herself as such. As such, APPLICANT has no power to bind EverrexTrade to any obligation and APPLICANT is responsible for all applicable income, sales, social security, unemployment or other tax, license, or fee arising out of APPLICANT's activities hereunder.

  • APPLICANT will not produce, promote, or use materials of any kind describing EverrexTrade's name, programs, products, and trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise protected materials except as permitted in EverrexTrades's policies.

  • APPLICANT must supervise and train any IBPs that he/she may sponsor as described in the Policies and Procedures. APPLICANT will explain EverrexTrade's programs honestly and completely when presenting them to others.

  • APPLICANT understands and will make clear in any presentation the following: that no fixed earnings and/or fixed exchange trading profits are guaranteed by EverrexTrade or its programs; no IBP will earn money solely for sponsoring; specific amount of software product that must be purchased at any level; commissions are based on software product and service sales; that there are no exclusive territories for IBPs in the program.

  • APPLICANT agrees that compensation is only paid for sales of the software product as defined in the Policies and Procedures and in the company's Compensation Plan.

  • Any sale or assignment of this agreement must be approved by EverrexTrade. Successors in interest or assigns must comply with all program requirements.

  • This document is created in accordance with the rules of international law and business practice.

  • EverrexTrade accepts individuals aged 18.

  • The registration procedure is necessary for each client.

  • Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between EverrexTrade Limited and its client.

  • Clients process all financial transactions solely at their own discretion and their own risk. The size and term of the deposit are determined personally by each client.

  • You must register as a Member to access certain functions of the Website. You are obliged to provide only complete and accurate information about yourself (the "Registration Data") when registering as a Member or updating your Registration Data.

  • Multiple Accounts: Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, if you have more than one Account with us, each Account will be treated entirely separately. Therefore, any credit on one Account will not discharge your liabilities in respect of another Account unless we exercise our rights under this Agreement.

You agree to maintain and keep your Registration Data current and to update the Registration Data as soon as it changes. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password. EverrexTrade and its service providers are not liable for any loss that you may suffer through the use of your password by others.

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